Client cases

We have had the privilege to assist many clients through the years.
Here are some of those stories.


Geotech gets substantial time saving with NX CAM

Engineering firm Geotech uses NX CAM to ensure precision in their products. They provide companies worldwide with innovative geotechnical field investigation equipment, such as drill rigs, CPT, and PVT-meters. Starting in 1970, their products are developed, designed, and manufactured in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Teamcenter on the Cloud proved to be a great solution for NP Innovation

NP Innovation looked for an inexpensive and quick solution to their need of better product data control. They wanted a solution that did not demand extensive IT staff and support. When NP Innovation implemented Teamcenter as a cloud-based solution they improved the re-use of design data with 50 %.


For KB Components, NX CAD and CAM is a strategic choice

Choosing NX is a fundamental element in KB Components' overall strategy for maintaining excellent quality in their deliveries. After KB Components acquired a massive milling machine with five-axis at the end of 2018, they also updated their NX CAM environment.


Aeroform – NX CAD for advanced surfaces

Dan Borgström, CEO of Aeroform Fuel Cell in Karlskoga prefers NX CAD to handle the advanced surfaces and shapes in his company's fan blades. He would not exchange his all-time favorite CAD tool for anything.

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