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For Silver & Stål, Solid Edge is the preferred CAD solution

Silver & Stål offer sheet metal processing from prototype to serial production with high quality and service. They chose Solid Edge as their CAD system for it's rendering and designing capabilities.

Main benefits

Sheet metal design

Rendering tools

Silver & Stål i Vingåker choose Solid Edge CAD for its excellent sheet metal design and rendering tools

Silver & Stål i Vingåker AB has processed materials and designed and manufactured components and products for their customers since 1933. Today, their modern plant provides the medtech industry as well as the heavy industry in the Nordic area with advanced hospital equipment and sheet metal components, amongst other projects.

Patrik Wieselgren is Development Engineer at Silver & Stål. During his career he has worked in CAD systems ranging from Unigraphics, AutoCAD, Ideas/NX and SolidWorks, to the tool he is using today, and prefers over all the other solutions: Solid Edge from Siemens Digital Industries Software.

“In my opinion, the sheet metal design tool in Solid Edge is totally superior to other systems. It’s twice as fast to create a model”, says Development Engineer Patrik Wieselgren.

In addition to creating their own designs for their customers, Silver & Stål often gets 2D drawings from their customers which they transform to 3D in Solid Edge and use as a basis for manufacturing. Patrik Wieselgren is very happy with the 3D tool in Solid Edge.

“When it comes to transforming a 2D model into 3D I find that other CAD systems seen as equivalents to Solid Edge are doing it backward. The simplicity in Solid Edge lets you go from 2D to 3D effortlessly with a few clicks.”

Solid Edge CAD for perfect design and rendering

The five design engineers at Silver & Stål work closely with production.

“The rendering tool in Solid Edge is beyond excellent. Neat and detailed renderings facilitate collaboration with our colleagues in production and contribute to keeping a high quality throughout production.”

Patrik Wieselgren is also happy about how simple and safe the upgrades for Solid Edge are.

“Solid Edge demands very little maintenance. And if I should need any help I can always contact Nextage for fast and professional support.”

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