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In addition to configuring, implementing, and deploying your CAD and PLM solutions, we can help improve processes and workflows. For us, creating customer value always comes first.

We have performed numerous CAD and PLM projects. One of our success factors is that we encourage our customers to start with solving their most important challenges first. After that, we are here to help you expand your solutions to add more value continuously.

Our customers see three areas accelerating after implementing the solutions: productivity, quality, and profitability.



Increase productivity with supported work processes.



Product data quality leads to increased delivery quality.



Increased productivity and quality will show results on the bottom line.

We help you succeed with your project

Successful PLM projects require high skills in many areas. In addition to being specialized in PLM/PDM and CAD/CAM/CAE our consultants are proficient in *Information Management *Computer Science *Product Development *Product Management *Manufacturing processes *Business processes *ERP fundamentals *Coding *and more

by Nextage

by Nextage is a range of solutions developed by Nextage’s consultants that make work easier and faster.


Nextage’s consultants help you with your CAD and PLM challenges from strategy, to configurations and processes.

a helping hand

In addition to offering support and training, we love to be your discussion partner in all things related to your product’s journey.

Here are a few examples of how we have help companies increase productivity, quality and profitability:

Approval workflows

Scanjet Marine’s Teamcenter implementation facilitates workflow approvals and collaboration.

Precision work

Geotech keeps work inhouse with NX CAM.

40 % faster modelling

RotoSub find modelling in Solid Edge 40 % faster than with their former CAD system.

Working faster

Hydra-Comp use Nextage product configurator to create proposals.

Increased data quality

Svanehøj let Teamcenter help clean their data.

Delivery quality

Roxtec has suberb delivery quality with Teamcenter as support.

Increased productivity

SWEP approach in Teamcenter provides the right information to the right person
at the right time.

100 %
reliable in BOM

NP Innovation got an affordable Teamcenter
cloud solution.

Nextage services

We can help you succeed with your CAD and PLM project.

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Accelerate your business

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