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Teamcenter implementation and optimization

Streamline your product lifecycle management with our tailored Teamcenter implementation and optimization services.

Leveraging years of experience and a suite of best practices, our standardized Teamcenter configuration will provide your business with a critical PLM tool.

Our approach ensures a quick deployment, allowing you to efficiently utilize the most valuable features of PLM with Teamcenter at the core.

data migration projects

Do you have data that is valuable but not easily accessible to the organization?

Our expertise and advanced tools enable the seamless transfer of data from diverse platforms like other PLM systems, ERP, or CAD, into Teamcenter. Making your critical information readily accessible and actionable across your organization.

knowledge enhancement

We offer customizable Teamcenter courses for skill enhancement, streamlining the development of your training materials.

Choose from standardized options or materials fully tailored to your company’s specific needs. Investing in knowledge enhancement is an effective way to increase productivity and optimize the returns on your investments.

change management

Improve your organization’s product history tracking with our experienced change management team.

Our experienced team will help you define and refine the necessary processes and methods for managing and tracking changes effectively. By configuring Teamcenter to align with your daily tasks, we aim to optimize operational efficiency across your entire organization.

product representation

We can help you develop a comprehensive and precise representation of your products by integrating various elements such as 3D models, drawings, bills of materials, material management, and vendor management.

This unified approach centralizes all product-related data in one location, ensuring that stakeholders have access to accurate and current information. Enhance decision-making and collaboration across your organization with this complete product description.

digital transformation

Streamline your product management with our digital transformation service. Utilizing digital thread technology, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and Digital Product Passports (DPP), we ensure a seamless flow of digital product information.

This enhances visibility and traceability throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to manufacture, providing stakeholders with real-time, accurate data. Control the environmental impact of your products and maintain compliance with global standards, for better transparency and sustainability across your product’s life.

CAD and CAM efficiency

Optimize your CAD and CAM operations with our specialized efficiency services. We provide expert guidance on executing specific tasks in Solid Edge or NX, along with add-ons designed to simplify repetitive and time-intensive processes.  

Our team also conducts a thorough analysis of your existing CAD methodology, offering strategic recommendations to strengthen both efficiency and productivity.

and much more

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We help you succeed with your project

Successful PLM projects require high skills in many areas. In addition to being specialized in PLM/PDM and CAD/CAM/CAE our consultants are proficient in

  • Information Management
  • Computer Science
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Business processes
  • ERP fundamentals
  • Coding
  • and more

Nextage helps us with anything we run into. Whether we have a question or see an opportunity for new features in Teamcenter we want to investigate further.

Richard Jolfsson, Välinge Innovation

Nextage assists us in getting Teamcenter perfected for us. They are proactive and act as our discussion partner.

Carl Andersson, Välinge Innovation

It was very valuable for us to have a discussion partner who dared to challenge our ways of working and suggest solutions unknown to us. This is as opposed to a partner that builds what the customer asks for without questioning or urging the customer to consider future scenarios.

Susannah Lund, Svanehøj

Nextage suggested a solution in terms of the proven product lifecycle management system Teamcenter, and also recommended infrastructure and maintenance based on our needs. They performed the implementation that was smoothly delivered in only ten days.

Gustav Kågesson, NP Innovation
Hear it from our customers:

Approval workflows

Scanjet Marine’s Teamcenter implementation facilitates workflow approvals and collaboration.

Precision work

Geotech keeps work inhouse with NX CAM.

40 % faster modelling

RotoSub find modelling in Solid Edge 40 % faster than with their former CAD system.

Working faster

Hydra-Comp use Nextage product configurator to create proposals.

Increased data quality

Svanehøj let Teamcenter help clean their data.

Delivery quality

Roxtec has suberb delivery quality with Teamcenter as support.

Increased productivity

SWEP approach in Teamcenter provides the right information to the right person
at the right time.

100 %
reliable in BOM

NP Innovation got an affordable Teamcenter
cloud solution.

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