Level the ambition of your PLM project


A common recipe for disaster, in any project, is wanting it all and wanting it now.

The urge to implement all benefits of PLM at the same time is human. However, it can make for an overwhelming and expensive PLM project. In addition, the project might become so time-consuming that it is not ready to be deployed until the company’s requirements have already changed, resulting in a solution that no longer fits the business’s needs.

Here is our advice: choose a PLM system that can grow with your company, and implement PLM support step by step.

At Nextage we love an ambitious PLM vision. But when it comes to getting started, we recommend our customers begin by first addressing their most business-critical processes. Here’s what we have learned is successful from numerous PLM projects:

  • To spend time early in the project prioritizing the most value-bringing elements of PLM for your business.
  • To implement those elements first, resulting in a fast delivery of a ready solution that brings value from day one.
  • Once the organization has started to get the advantage of its value, you can continue to build, adding new functionality one after another. This is possible through the flexibility, configurability, and breadth offered by the PLM solution Teamcenter. Combined with Nextage’s extensive experience as a PLM partner.

Consequently, we sometimes answer our customers’ questions about a feature with a:

“Yes, we can do that, but later. The opportunity is there, waiting for you, but let’s first get you started.”

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