How to get the best out of your PLM system


Not getting the full value out of your PLM system can have several reasons such as limited resources working strategically with PLM, or that the PLM system does not support growth or changes in your business. Considering your investment, and all the benefits related to having PLM support, you would want the system to give back as much value as possible. 

The first piece of advice we at Nextage have on this matter is that you create a clear vision of what value a PLM system should create in your company in the long term. You might already have done this when you started your initial PLM implementation. If so: go back to it and dust it off to see if it needs tweaking or improvement. The vision will be of significant help for decision-making and help you move forward with value-bringing initiatives to continue your PLM journey.

The second piece of advice is to contact your PLM partner and ask them for a meeting to discuss and suggest opportunities for your company. Expect your PLM partner to be updated on the subject, and to challenge you with innovative ideas and new ways of working. 

A third piece of advice is to look at the performance of the system. The IT structure around it may need an upgrade or perhaps the solution itself needs a good clean-up.

Above are some ideas to increase the value of your PLM solution making sure it provides excellent PLM support to your team. We at Nextage have long experience in assisting customers in further developing their Teamcenter PLM installation, contact us to learn more.

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