Ditwin and Nextage deepen collaboration

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Increased value for innovative companies in Sweden!

Siemens Digital Industries’ partners Ditwin and Nextage deepen their collaboration in CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, and DM.

The pace of digitization is increasing among product development and manufacturing companies in Sweden. This emphasizes the need for partners who can not only provide high-quality software but also contribute with optimized workflows and processes to support the product lifecycle.

Ditwin and Nextage are leading partners of Siemens Digital Industries Software. We are now intensifying our collaboration to enhance value for our customers in areas such as:

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing)
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)
  • PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
  • DM (Digital Manufacturing)
  • Low-code programming

“By combining our resources and expertise, we can offer our customers a broader and deeper set of services covering the entire spectrum of needs within our industry,” says Thomas Marklund, CEO of Ditwin. “Our common goal is to focus on the customer and deliver solutions that meet their specific needs.”

“Ditwin and Nextage share a common value foundation that places the customer at the center of every initiative and strives to create long-term and successful partnerships. Our collaboration has already resulted in increased accessibility to high-quality PLM and CAD solutions nationwide,” says Tapio Juurakko, CEO of Nextage.

Jonathan Stjernlöf, Sales Director at Siemens Digital Industries Software, is positive about the collaboration.

“The collaboration between Ditwin and Nextage reflects our shared commitment to delivering top-notch CAD/CAM and PLM solutions and services, benefiting the market as a whole and contributing positively to the growth and success of businesses in Sweden.”

About Ditwin:

Ditwin is a consulting firm that helps industrial companies increase efficiency, competitiveness, and reduce environmental impact by leveraging the possibilities of digital tools in the development and production processes. We have extensive experience working with companies in both the manufacturing and process industries.

Find our more about Ditwin here: ditwin.se

About Nextage:

Nextage is a recognized expert in PLM, CAD, and CAM, supporting customers with software and implementation, as well as process optimization for the product lifecycle. We help customers increase their productivity, quality and profitability.

Contact us to learn more: Contact Nextage

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