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  • Parasolid kernel
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Open to incorporated legal entities in business for less than three years, with less than $1MM  in funding and less than $1MM in annual revenue.

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    What’s included?

    Synchronous technohology

    Synchronous technology makes creating and editing 3D product designs faster and easier.

    It combines the speed and simplicity of direct modeling with the flexibility and control of parametric design.

    Convergent modelling

    Incorporate mesh models into the design workflow to create real designs.

    Seamlessly combine traditional “b-rep” solid models with triangular mesh models without time-consuming and error-prone conversions.

    Reverse engineering

    Digitally present and modify legacy parts designed on the drawing board to suit contemporary designs without complete reconstruction.

    Scan, edit, and produce products faster.

    Generative design

    Benefits range from lighter components to minimal downstream manufacturing material waste.

    Create the optimum design between weight and strength, tailored for desired manufacturing processes.


    A built-in finite element analysis (FEA), allowing design engineers to digitally validate part and assembly designs within the Solid Edge environment. Based on Femap finite element modeling and NX Nastran solver technology, it reduces the need for physical prototypes, which lowers your material and testing costs, and saves design time.


    FloEFD for Solid Edge is the only frontloading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool—fully embedded in Solid Edge.

    Moving CFD simulation early into the design process helps design engineers examine trends and eliminate less desirable design options.

    Technical Illustration

    Create high-quality 3D PDF documents and cloud-ready illustrations from your Solid Edge files and other 3D CAD formats. A complete image, animation and template-based 3D PDF creation package, making it easy to create high-quality communications from your 3D models.

    Harness design

    A wire harness design and layout tool that includes the creation of full-scaled, manufacturing-ready drawings, an automated bill of materials, and reports.

    Wiring design

    A schematic diagramming application, featuring integrated electrical analysis and simulation; allows design teams to overcome electromechanical design challenges.

    Electrical routing

    A dedicated, process-driven environment for the efficient creation, routing and organization of wires, cables and bundles in a Solid Edge assembly.

    PCB design

    Schematic capture and PCB layout tools that simplify the complex task of printed circuit board design.

    Sketch routing, hierarchical 2D/3D planning and placement, ECAD/MCAD collaboration.

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