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Productivity is one of the cornerstones of a healthy business. Nextage’s solutions and services are always focusing on bringing smarter ways of working to the teams.
There are several ways to tackle decreasing productivity. To look at the processes is one way, to make sure that the teams have excellent system support is another.
We can help you increase productivity. Here are some examples:
as a business partner
  • Deciding together with the customer where what master data should be kept and how it should be accessible to the business
  • How to work product-oriented with a clear strategy for Product Management
  • Provide a framework for a product lifecycle management process
as a PLM partner
  • Setting up a slim and comprehensible  architecture and data model in Teamcenter
  • Suggesting and implementing workflows and approval flows
  • Facilitate finding and re-using data
as a CAD/CAM/CAE partner
  • Suggesting how to do specific tasks in Solid Edge or NX
  • Bringing add-ons to the system that help eliminate or shorten time on tedious and time-consuming tasks
  • Analyzing the CAD methodology in place and suggest ways to improve
  • Facilitate finding and re-using data

Approval workflows

Scanjet Marine’s Teamcenter implementation facilitates workflow approvals and collaboration.

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40 % faster

RotoSub find modeling in Solid Edge 40 % faster.

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