Material management

Can your company at any given time account for the substances and materials that are included in your products? Get control over your product’s materials and substances with Teamcenter Material management.

With Teamcenter Material management you can create your own materials-BOM.

Here are a few business cases we’ve seen at our customers

Your product includes very specific materials and compounds.

You have spent time and money on the development of your own materials and compounds or have done analysis on materials included in your products to make sure they are of the highest quality and selection.

Material management help keep the information safe, yet available for the design and engineering team for re-use.

Your company produces products for markets where materials and substances are regulated.

With Material management, you will be able to declare the composition of your products without tedious investigations and data digging.

You will rapidly be able to accurately report your product’s material.

Your company produces products for markets with different regulations.

Your company needs to keep track of alternative materials and substances you provide to different regions and markets.

With Material management, you can avoid manually kept ledgers and paperwork, and costly manufacturing mistakes.

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